Maximizing Your Stay in Brighton

Brighton is sometimes called London-by-the-sea because of its geographical location. It is a quintessential British seaside town that has charmed millions of tourists, most esp. the notorious Prince Regent, who made its mark on this humble and quaint seaside fishing village.Things to See and Do in BrightonBrighton is famous for its iconic tourist attractions and beachfront cool and Sussex countryside and living. This seaside town has more to offer than its usual charm and rustic appeal.1. Royal PavilionThis is one of the famous and iconic landmarks and historical sites in Brighton. This magnificent building has architectural details that hark back to the 19th century. It is a mix of classical and Indian style, giving it a “Hindu-Gothic” aesthetics.2. Brighton Museum and Art GalleryThis is situated just across the Royal Pavilion. This is perfect for people who want to imbibe the culture of Brighton. It showcases different World art from Egypt and other counties, spoils and remnants of the 19th century colonialists and the Brighton History gallery.
After you have marveled at the various art exhibits displayed here, you can cap your artistic journey with a cup of coffee at the various café surrounding this museum.3. Brighton, West and Palace PierIf you want to escape the cosmopolitan side of the town, you can head to these centenarian piers to experience the bright side of Brighton. There are carnival rides that litter the beaches and other gaudy and down-to-earth amusements and entertainment.4. Ditchling BeaconIf you want serenity and peace and time away from the crowds, head out to this place. It can offer you views of inland and out to the sea. The windy atmosphere will surely blow away all your stress and problems.5. The LanesIf you want a taste of what the town has to offer, you can walk the streets of the Lanes to discover an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. This is a good way to explore the surrounding neighborhood and the daily life of the small seaside town.6. Beauty RepublicaAfter a long day of walking and exploring everything the town has to offer, you can end the day with a trip to this amazing spa facility. You can relax and recharge your energy here, so you can brace and take on another day of sights seeing and touring.7. South Downs WayThis is perfect for nature walking or trekking and biking. Breathe some fresh air and marvel at the beauty of nature. This national park is a quintessential Sussex countryside.8. Brighton BeachThis is the iconic beach of Brighton, which is a long stretch of small pebbles rather than sand. It is accessible to the public, so everyone can marvel at the blue-green sea beyond the beach.Hotel and AccommodationsIf you consider yourself as more of a traveler than a tourist, than opting for cheap hotels in Brighton will suit you better. You can then spend the money you saved on expensive hotels on more exciting stuff. Rather than lounging and relaxing in the luxurious amenities of priced hotels, you can spend your time and money on outdoor adventurous stuff and activities.Finding cheap hotels in Brighton is not difficult. There are certain areas in Brighton where there are lots of hotels that offer accommodations and amenities at competitive prices. Prior to your trip, you can do some research on the internet about cheap hotels in Brighton before booking for one. This way you can compare prices and accommodations, so you can get the best deal. And make sure the hotel is at the center of the town, so you can have easy access to the beaches and the cosmopolitan nightlife of Brighton.